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Bernina Buttonhole foot 3 Snap On

Delivery date: 1-2 days
Manufacturer: Bernina
This buttonhole foot is perfect for crafting manual buttonholes of any length, with or without cording, and excels at tasks like gathering and very fine piping. It's particularly useful for manual buttonholes in varied situations, such as extra-long or extra-small buttonholes, or when dealing with uneven fabric thicknesses, like narrow collar stands. The foot's sole features two grooves, facilitating smooth fabric movement even as thread accumulates to create buttonhole beads. A guide positioned between the grooves ensures the buttonhole beads stay parallel, especially in the case of longer buttonholes. Additionally, a slight indentation at the front of the foot allows the thread to pass freely as the stitching reverses to complete the buttonhole. The central "toe" or prong at the front of the foot serves multiple purposes. It can be utilized to attach gimp or cord, making it ideal for corded buttonholes, gathering with cord, or sewing shirring elastic.
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