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Sewing Machines

Visit our Newport and Cardiff locations to view our range of Bernina sewing machines and receive a free demonstration on the machine of your dreams. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned quilter, we have the perfect machine to fit your needs. Come see what we have to offer and take your sewing to the next level.

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Bernina 325 Sewing Machine Free Carry Bag worth £52.50

The 3 series machines from Bernina are packed with cutting-edge technology. Their sturdy and long-lasting construction guarantees that nothing hinders your creative process. An illuminated LCD screen continuously displays the current function settings. With a selection of 97 stitches, including the alphabet, you have ample options to bring your dream project to life. This robust sewing machine possesses enough power to effortlessly sew through even the toughest materials. To experience a demonstration without any obligations, we welcome you to visit our showrooms in Newport or Cardiff. The sewing space to the right of the needle measures 6.3 inches, while the maximum stitch width reaches 5.5 inches. 7 Year Guarantee Included
£704.17 excl VAT

Bernina 335 Sewing Machine

Let the Bernina 335 Sewing Machine be your gateway to a world of artistic expression and endless design possibilities. Elevate your sewing experience and embark on a journey filled with inspiration, as you harness the power of this exceptional machine to create remarkable, personalized works of art. 7 Year Guarantee Included
£895.83 excl VAT

Bernina B435 Sewing Machine

Embrace the art of self-expression through the skillful stitching of handmade creations. Whether it's a meticulously designed dress or a tenderly crafted quilt, each piece holds its unique essence. For over 125 years, Bernina has stood in awe of your creativity and dedication to your craft. Empowering you to make every creative decision, the 4 Series models provide unparalleled control. From selecting stitch length and width to determining the needle position, every aspect is effortlessly managed at your fingertips on a spacious touch screen. With Bernina by your side, you can trust that its unwavering performance will always exceed your expectations. 7 Year Guarantee Included
£1,245.83 excl VAT

Bernina S 475QE Free Walking Foot

Bernina 475QE, the ultimate companion for quilters. 7 Year Guarantee Included
£1,412.50 excl VAT

Bernina 480 Sewing Machine

Experience the perfect fusion of simplicity and innovation with the Bernina 480. This exceptional sewing machine seamlessly combines user-friendly features with cutting-edge technology, ensuring flawless seams on a wide range of materials, from delicate fabrics to resilient leather.
£1,579.17 excl VAT

Bernina S-540 Sewing Machine

Discover the Empowering Bernina 540: Unleash Your Creative Mastery For sewers who crave absolute control over their creative journey, the Bernina 540 is the ultimate companion. This extraordinary machine is thoughtfully designed with an array of awe-inspiring features that will not only impress you but elevate your sewing experience to new heights of pleasure and satisfaction.
£1,995.83 excl VAT


This special edition of the Bernina S-570QE offers exclusive features inspired by renowned artist Kaffe Fassett. Enjoy the distinctive Kaffe Fassett faceplate design, along with a collection of exclusive Kaffe Fassett stitches. Additionally, indulge in the Kaffe Fassett-inspired dust cover, adding a touch of artistic elegance to your sewing space. *Limited quantities available* Unlock the potential of your quilting journey with the Bernina S-570QE. Embrace the limited availability of the exclusive Kaffe Fassett Edition and enjoy the abundance of stitches, warranty coverage, and optional embroidery unit upgrade. Experience quilting excellence like never before.
£2,495.83 excl VAT

Bernina S-570QE Save £200

Experience the joy of quilting like never before with the Bernina S-570QE. Discover the freedom to create stunning, one-of-a-kind quilts with ease, thanks to its advanced features and unrivaled stitch variety. Elevate your quilting journey and immerse yourself in the world of Bernina craftsmanship, renowned for its precision, reliability, and unparalleled sewing excellence. Unleash your creativity with the Bernina S-570QE and turn your quilting dreams into reality.
£2,245.83 excl VAT £2,412.50 excl VAT

Bernina 735 Sewing Machine

Experience innovation at its finest with the BERNINA B735. This remarkable machine combines advanced sewing, quilting, and embroidery features, all at your fingertips. The large and user-friendly color touch screen ensures effortless navigation, empowering you to bring your creative visions to life with ease.
£2,662.50 excl VAT

Bernina S 590 Sewing Machine

Experience the unrivaled capabilities of the Bernina S-590, a sewing machine that caters to all your stitching needs with unparalleled ease. With an expansive 8.5" space to the right of the needle, this exceptional machine empowers you to effortlessly handle large-scale projects, including quilts and curtains, while maintaining precision and control. Elevate your sewing journey and embrace the endless possibilities offered by the Bernina S-590. *Optional Embroidery Module available.
£3,079.17 excl VAT

Bernina 770 Quilters Kaffe Fassett Edition

Introducing the beautiful limited edition Bernina 770 that has been designed and inspired by Kaffe Fassett
£3,495.83 excl VAT

Bernina 770QE Plus Free Trolly Bag

Experience the unrivaled excellence of the BERNINA B770QE PLUS. Embrace the perfect balance of innovation, spaciousness, and precise stitching. Unleash your creativity and achieve superb results in every project you undertake. Elevate your sewing journey with the BERNINA B770QE PLUS and let your imagination soar.
£3,541.67 excl VAT

Bernina 790 Plus with BSR Foot

The BERNINA 790PLUS revolutionizes sewing with its blend of innovative functions, expansive work area, and high-speed performance. Its extra-large embroidery module opens up endless possibilities for intricate designs. Effortlessly access all functions through the intuitive color touchscreen, while the Stitch Designer empowers you to explore and create unique stitches. 7 Year Guarantee Included
£5,208.33 excl VAT

Bernina Embroidery Module S- 5 SeriesBernin 540, 570QE & 590 (2018 Model)

The New Bernina 590 Embroidery Module This module is suitable for all B5 series machines. Presser Feet: Embroidery Foot 26V Accessories Included Large Oval Hoop 10" × 5¾" (255mm × 145 mm) & Template Medium Hoop 5" × 4 (130mm × 100 mm) & Template 2 Template Holder Clips 1 Pack Asstd Embroidery Needles Thread Net With the optional adapters for free-arm embroidery, already-closed and tubular sewing projects such as trouser legs, blouses, coat pockets and small t-shirts can be embroidered with ease. For use with the 2018 Bernina 540, 570QE & 590
£958.33 excl VAT

Bernina Embroidery Module for 7 Series and 8 Series

The Bernina Embroidery module is suitable for use with the the Bernina 700, 720, 750, 770, 780, 790, 830 and 880
£1,125.00 excl VAT