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Sewing Machines

Explore the range of Brother sewing machines at our Newport and Cardiff stores or shop online. From beginner to advanced, we have a machine to suit your sewing needs. Brother machines are reliable and packed with features, including built-in stitches, automatic needle threading, and more. Find your perfect machine today.

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Brother L14S Sewing Machine

The Brother L14S is an ideal sewing machine for beginners, offering 14 stitches and a convenient 4-step buttonhole function. Perfect for those new to sewing or seeking a user-friendly option. 3 Year Guarantee Included
£95.83 excl VAT

Brother LX17 Sewing Machine

Ideal for beginners, this lightweight and user-friendly machine is perfect for those new to sewing. Its simplicity makes it easy to use, whether you're making alterations to garments or creating simple crafts. 3 Year Guarantee Included
£124.17 excl VAT

Brother LX25 Sewing Machine

Discover the Brother LX25 Sewing Machine, equipped with an impressive selection of 25 stitches and a convenient 4-step buttonhole function. Designed with beginners in mind, this lightweight and user-friendly sewing machine is the perfect companion for those new to the art of sewing. 3 Year Guarantee Included
£140.83 excl VAT

Brother XR27NT Sewing Machine

Experience the power of the XR27NT traditional sewing machine, equipped with a diverse selection of stitches tailored for repairs, dressmaking, and home furnishing projects. This reliable machine incorporates convenient features designed to streamline your sewing process, ensuring efficiency and ease every step of the way.
£190.83 excl VAT

Brother XR37NT Sewing Machine

The Brother XR37NT is a classic sewing machine that combines traditional features with convenient needle threading and a drop-in bobbin system. It offers a diverse selection of stitches, making it perfect for various sewing projects like dressmaking and creating home furnishings3 Year Guarantee Included
£199.17 excl VAT

Brother SH40

Whether your passion lies in fashion, upcycling, homewares, cosplay, or simply sewing for the love of it, the SH40 is the ideal sewing companion for creative beginners like you.
£207.50 excl VAT

Brother HF37

Whether you're a beginner or have some sewing experience under your belt, the Brother HF37 Strong and Tough sewing machine is the perfect choice for daily sewing tasks. It effortlessly handles a variety of fabrics, from stretch materials to denim, making it versatile for projects like bag making and dressmaking. Plus, it's a fantastic value with the added peace of mind of a Brother 3-year warranty.
£232.50 excl VAT

Brother Innov-is 15 Sewing Machine

Discover sewing joy with the Brother Innov-is 15, designed for beginners. With 16 stitches and an easy jog dial, it's your perfect companion on the sewing journey, ensuring a fantastic start to your creative endeavors. 3 Year Guarantee Included
£290.83 excl VAT

Brother Innov-is A16 Sewing Machine

Whether you're a novice to sewing or have years of experience, the A range from Brother offers a combination of reliability, flexibility, and user-friendly features. 3 Year Guarantee Included
£332.50 excl VAT

Brother Innov-is A50 Sewing Machine

With the Brother Innov-is A50, you can elevate your sewing skills to new heights. Offering a selection of 50 stitches, this machine empowers you to explore your creative side and infuse your sewing projects with a unique touch that reflects your personal style. 3Year Guarantee Included
£374.17 excl VAT

Brother Innov-is A65

Explore the boundless possibilities of sewing with the Brother Innov-is A65. This lightweight, portable sewing machine, complete with a hard case, empowers you to sew at your convenience, wherever inspiration strikes. Crafted for durability and equipped with a range of features, it's your perfect partner for both everyday and artistic sewing projects3 Year Guarantee Included
£415.83 excl VAT

Brother Innov-is A150 Sewing Machine

The Brother Innov-is A150 is a robust sewing machine with impressive features, including automatic thread cutter, advanced needle threader, four lettering fonts, and 150 stitches. Experience its capabilities with a free demonstration at our Newport or Cardiff shops in South Wales.
£499.17 excl VAT

Brother Innov-is F420 Sewing Machine

Unleash creativity with the compact yet powerful Brother Innov-is F420 sewing machine. This user-friendly, computerized machine provides precise control and abundant creative features, ensuring exceptional functionality and performance. Embark on your sewing projects with ease and confidence. 3 Year Guarantee Included
£582.50 excl VAT

Brother Innov-is F560

Sew stylishly with the Brother Innov-is F560 sewing machine. Its vibrant color LCD touchscreen offers 241 stitches, including 10 buttonholes, and five lettering fonts for easy expression. Enjoy on-screen editing and effortless control for flipping, repeating, and combining decorative stitches. 3 Year Guarantee Included
£749.17 excl VAT

Brother Innov-is 1300 Sewing Machine

Experience the thrill of sewing with the Brother Innov-is 1300. This remarkable machine, featuring a spacious work area and a range of powerful features, elevates your sewing and quilting to new heights. With its user-friendly design and professional-quality results, the Innov-is 1300 is a machine you'll truly love for limitless creativity. 3 Year Guarantee Included
£915.83 excl VAT

Brother PQ1600S Straight Stitch Machine

The Brother PQ1600S Sewing and Quilting Machine is a must-have for dedicated quilters and sewists. With speeds up to 1,500 stitches per minute and a push-button thread cutter, it streamlines your sewing experience. The innovative Pin Feed Mechanism ensures smooth handling of multiple quilt layers or delicate fabrics, perfect for your creative endeavors3 Year Guarantee Included
£1,040.83 excl VAT

Brother Innov-is 1800Q Sewing & Quilting Machine

The Brother Innov-is NV1800Q sewing machine is perfect for various sewing projects, from quilting to bag making and dress making. With a spacious throat space and extension table, it accommodates sizable projects with ease. Whether quilting intricate designs or creating garments, it offers the functionality and versatility to fulfill your sewing aspirations. 3 Year Guarantee Included
£1,249.17 excl VAT

Brother Innov-is VQ2 Sewing Machine

Elevate your sewing with the reliable Brother Innov-is VQ2 long arm machine. This user-friendly companion effortlessly handles a range of fabrics, allowing you to unleash your imagination for limitless possibilities in your projects. 3 Year Guarantee Included
£1,915.83 excl VAT