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DTF is a new technology to printing on any polyester garment with DTG inks and your existing DTG printer!
-Working extensively with Ecofreen, we offer DTF (Direct To Film) products that work with almost all types of fabrics including 100%     polyester, nylon, leather etc. with high quality results!
-The process does not require pre-treatment and uses a minimum of 75% less DTG inks.
-The fabrics once printed offer great wash characteristics and longevity.
-The print has a soft "hand" feel.
-This process is much faster than vinyl printing with no weeding required..
-You do not need a specialist DTF printer or DTF inks, with Ecofreen you simply use your DTG printer and DTG inks.

What is DTF Printing?

The Epson F2100 & F2000 DTG process with Ecofreen PET films (is a polyester film made from stretched polyethylene terephthalateand) Ecofreen Hot Melt Adhesive Powder is as simple in its working as its name suggests – Print on a film and directly transfer onto fabric. The most prominent factor that makes this process worthy of use across a larger number of people is the freedom to choose almost any fabric. Be it polyester, cotton, silk or synthetic fibres like rayon or terrycot,leather the DTF printing process with DTG inks will definitely work its magic on them.

What do you need for DTF Printing ?

DTF printing process special with Epson F2100 &F2000 or all brand of  Brother DTG practically lifts all restrictions that are commonly encountered in other textile printing processes especially when it comes to chooses the fabric to print on. Since pretreatment is not essential, in many cases, the overall cost of printing is brought down hence offering a higher profit margin.

The textile printing industry is predicted to see a massive growth as more and more fabrics manufactured by DTF will come into picture. In conclusion, the DTF Ecofreen products in UK printing with Epson DTG & Brother GTX  & Brother GT3 inks  process can be thought of an effective way to produce fabrics economically.


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