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DTF Printing is the Next Generation of the digital revolution, creating a new digital DTF film printing process.

Load your design, print on film, add the adhesive and press it on your garment.

Durability is enhanced by the special ink and adhesive. DTF printing is ideal for workwear or all kinds of similar products like t-shirts , hoodies, caps, etc. The print doesn’t crack like screen printing as it has a very soft hand due to the water-based ink used. This makes the system perfect for garments like overalls, workwear, high viz, gym and cycling wear, cotton, polyester, leather, canvas and much more.


  • It does not require any pretreatment
  • You can use it on almost any material or fabric
  • The material it is printed upon will still have a slight hand feel to it when you touch. After the printing, the fabric will exhibit excellent wash resistance.
  • The process is much eazy ,cheaper and much quicker than other printing methods such as DTG.