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Durkopp Adler sewing machines


In view of its long-standing reputation as the technology leader in the field of industrial sewing machines for medium-heavy duty applications, Dürkopp Adler has a commitment to continue developing pioneering technology. With the M-TYPE Dürkopp Adler has set a new productivity standard which changes the world of medium-heavy duty sewing.

M867-190322-M is the direct replacement for the Durkopp N291-185 the muched love upholstery machine seen in factories across the UK.

Also available the M867-190342 having a much larger bobbin allowing further sewing between bobbin changes


Call or email today for a quotation, you may be suprised, cheaper than the N291 you purchased 15 years ago !




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Durkopp M867-190322

Durkopp M867-190322 full feature high speed walking foot sewing machine for upholstery.
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Durkopp N291

Durkopp N291-185 reconditioned walking foot machine
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Needle Key 9081-100251 - Durkopp Machine

Industrial Needle Key 9081-100251
£4.21 excl VAT