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Embroidery Backing

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Embroidery Backing Pre-Cut 20cm x 20cm

Two-way tear away backing, White or black available. 250 sheets included in pack. 20cm X 20cm
£13.00 inc VAT

Embroidery Backing Pre-Cut 38cm x 33cm

Two-way tear away backing, Availble in white. 250 sheets included in pack. 38cm x 33cm
£25.00 inc VAT

Embroidery Ultra Soluble Backing

The Embroidery Ultra Soluble backing can be placed under fabric or cord as a stabiliser, or on top of fabric, or simultaneously sandwiched under and on top of fabric. The Ultra Soluble backing is perfect for computer lace, reinfoced buttonholes, edge rein-forcement,needle painting, monogramming, applique, 3D work. Before you use lightweight Solvy (and/or Super Solvy) as a stabilizer under your machine embroideries, be aware that they do not support as many stitches as tear-away or cut-away stabilizers, so carefully consider your design choice. Because all Sulky Water Soluble Stabilizers are made from non-woven materials they don’t stretch in any direction.
£17.00 inc VAT

Janome Embroidery Iron On Backing

Iron On Stabiliser protects your fabric from puckering and distortion. The stabiliser is white and comes on a roll 10 metres x 35cm.
£17.60 inc VAT

Janome Embroidery Water Soluble Backing

Water soluble backing is a perfect stabiliser and transfer agent that dissolves in water. Great for monogramming, quilting, lace making, buttonholes, edges, shadow work, thread sketching, applique, fagotting, 3D work, delicate fabrics, cut work. 10M X 33CM
£17.60 inc VAT