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Hemline Bobbin Box

This useful bobbin box holds 25 standard bobbins.
£2.49 excl VAT

Hemline Hand Self-Threading Needles

Hemline Hand Self-Threading Needles. Guide your thread quickly and easily into the open slot on these needles. Sizes 4-8 6 needles included
£1.66 excl VAT

Hemline Loop Turner

Hemline Loop turner used for making dainty button loops, spaghetti straps, elegant lingerie straps and fine lengths of rouleau. *library picture used
£2.62 excl VAT

Hemline Metric Tape Measure

A metric tape measure with measurements on both sides. All hemline measuring tapes are fibre-glass reinforced to eliminate any possibility of stretching or distortion. This metric tape is a genuine Butterfly Tape regarded worldwide for its quality and durability.
£1.33 excl VAT

Hemline Safety Pins

Hemline Safety Pins in an assortment of sizes and colours. Size: 27mm,34mm,38mm,46mm (0,1,2,3) x 12 pcs each, 23mm,19mm (00,000) x 24pcs each Approximately 96 pieces included. *library picture used
£2.83 excl VAT

Hemline Shirt and Bridal Pins

Nickel plated steel. Pearl head. 0.65mm x 34mm 75pcs
£2.49 excl VAT

Hemline Tailors Chalk 246

Tailors chalk with sharpener. A wide strong chalk block idea for use in garment construction. Handy sharpener ensures a continuing sharp, fine line of chalk. Colour of chalk - white *library picture used
£1.62 excl VAT

Hemline Tracing Wheel

This premium quality Hemline tracing wheel comes with finer, sharper teeth together with a smooth comfortable wooden handle. Use your tracing wheel to transfer pattern details to fabric in conjunction with dressmaker's paper. *library picture used
£2.40 excl VAT

6mm Hemline Round Polyester Cord 1.5m White

A thinner cord useful as a replacement in anoraks, sportswear, party costumes etc. Machine washable. Use a Hemline bodkin for easy threading of replacement cords.
£1.40 excl VAT

Bulky Seam Aid Hemline Machine Sewing

Use this aid to help your machine sew over bulky seams on thick layered fabrics. Keeps the pressure foot horizontal to help feed thick layers evenly and to keep stitch consistent. Has two widths for use with different fabric thicknesses. Can also be used when sewing on buttons, helping to create a thread shank. Suitable for all sewing machines
£2.67 excl VAT

Hemline Bobbin Box

Hemline Bobbin Box holds 28 plastic or metal sewing machine bobbins. Made from clear durable plastic with a pink foam insert which helps prevent the bobbins from falling out or rattling. Also features a small loop for easy hanging or carrying.
£3.74 excl VAT

Hemline Button Size: 13mm

£1.66 excl VAT

Hemline Sewing Gauge H258

Hemline Ideal for sewing and knitting projects. Use to accurately measure hems, pleats, buttonholes, etc. Incorporates a point turner to ease out collars or cuffs, and a button gauge to measure shank depth before sewing on.
£1.92 excl VAT

Hemline Water Soluble Pencil White

Perfect for dressmakers. Use too mark sewing and cutting lines on fabrics. Marks can be removed by carefully brushing or by rubbing with a damp cloth. Suitable for most coloured fabrics NOTE! this picture is of a white pencil
£1.42 excl VAT

Hemline: Snap Fasteners: Sew-on: Clear (Invisible): 7mm: Pack of 12

Sew-on nylon snap fasteners. Quick and easy to attach, ideal for sewing projects around the home. Perfect for sheer fabrics. Clear, 12 sets – 7mm, 0.25in.
£0.83 excl VAT