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Horn Quilters Delight MK2

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The Horn Quilters Delight MK2 is fitted with the Horn Maxi air lifter, making it ideal for even the largest sewing machines, such as the Bernina 800 series, Brother V Series, Janome Horizon range, and Husqvarna Diamond. However, it is also perfect for all normal sized domestic sewing machines.
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  • Fitted with our Maxi-lifter opening (type 1942) which is capable of taking virtually all domestic sewing machines on the market old or new! Please note, although the Quilter’s Delight MK-2 is designed using our largest opening, and will fit virtually all of the larger machines on the market, it doesn’t offer the best seating position for them. If you own a machine such as the Bernina 7 or 8 Series; Husqvarna Epics; Janome Horizons or Brother V Series, for the best seating experience we would recommend looking at our models above the Quilter’s Delight (i.e. the Super Q and Super Q MK-2).
  • This model arrives fitted with our 3 step push down release air-lift mechanism which means a quick push down moves your machine from storage to flatbed to free-arm positions.
  • A handy set of mobile drawers are included, that can be positioned where ever is best in relation to your project at that particular time.
  • A large work area at the back of the machine which prevents the needle drag that can happen with large projects. It lifts up easily when needed and down when not (so it doesn’t have to be open all the time). It has a very sturdy dual gate leg design with Quilters/ Patchworkers in mind but is ideal for all sewing projects.
  • Slot in filler for above the machine when its away. This gives you a large area to cut out, piece on etc…
  • One acrylic inset plate cut to fit your sewing machine is included with this model.
  • Arrives fully assembled.