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Janome 808401003 Extension Table

Delivery date: 1-2 days
Manufacturer: Janome
Janome 808401003 | Extension Table. This resin extension table is made specifically for selected Janome machines, and provides ample sewing room for all of your larger projects. Suitable for: TXL607, QXL605, DXL603, XL601, DKS30, 8050XL, M50QDC, M100QDC, M200QDC, 4300QDC, JL5030, JL5050, JL5100, DC6030, DC7100, XS50, GD8100. Approx Size: 16" x 11". Please Note: The Machine is NOT included, only the Extension Table.
£22.50 excl VAT
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