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Janome Ruler Work Kit

This Ruler Work Kit is exclusive to Janome. The ruler templates work in conjunction with Janome’s ¼ inch Ruler Feet. Give your quilting projects, your personal creative touch and that perfect professional finishExclusive Ruler Work Kit includes: Instructional DVD (including project to make template folder) Instruction booklet 6 x Ruler templates 8.5” Cross Hair Ruler Marking Tool Compatible with JANOME ¼” Ruler Feet: Part Number 202441009 High Shank Top Loading Models with 9mm/7mm maximum stitch width Part Number 202442000 Low Shank Top Loading Models with horizontal rotary hook Part Number 767441005 Straight Stitch Models (HD9 Professional & 1600P series) inc darning plate
£70.83 excl VAT

Janome Sewing Machine Blue Tip Needles - 75

Janome Sewing Machine Blue Tip Needles - 75. This particular needle is a Janome specific and is identified by the blue shank. Its design is unique as it has a pierce point plus a slightly longer than noral thread groove (scarf). This needle will cure skipped stitches and puckering in any problem fabric especially synthetics/ Although only available in size 11 it is compatitble with a vast majority of fabrics. Please Note: This item cannot be cancelled, refunded or exchanged.
£5.00 excl VAT

Embroidery Ultra Soluble Backing

The Embroidery Ultra Soluble backing can be placed under fabric or cord as a stabiliser, or on top of fabric, or simultaneously sandwiched under and on top of fabric. The Ultra Soluble backing is perfect for all types of lace, reinforced buttonholes, edge reinforcement,needle painting, monogramming, applique, 3D work. Before you use lightweight Solvy (and/or Super Solvy) as a stabilizer under your machine embroideries, be aware that they do not support as many stitches as tear-away or cut-away stabilizers, so carefully consider your design choice. Because all Sulky Water Soluble Stabilizers are made from non-woven materials they don’t stretch in any direction.
£14.17 excl VAT

Janome HD9 V1 Metal Bobbins -

There are several types of bobbins on the market and using the incorrect size and type of bobbin can affect stitch quality and could possibly damage the machine. Price per bobbin
£5.42 excl VAT

Janome HD9 V2 Metal Bobbins

There are several types of bobbins on the market and using the incorrect size and type of bobbin can affect stitch quality and could possibly damage the machine. Price per bobbin
£5.42 excl VAT

Janome 1600P/1600PQC Metal Bobbins

There are several types of bobbins on the market and using the incorrect size and type of bobbin can affect stitch quality and could possibly damage the machine. Price per bobbin
£1.17 excl VAT

Janome 202107000 | Circular Sewing Attachment

Janome Circular Sewing Attachment | 202107000. The circular sewing attachment is ideal for sewing circles using straight stitch, zigzag, decorative stitches or even lettering. Circles up to 26cm in diameter are stitched perfectly using this popular attachment so essential for craft and decorative work. Approx Settings Upper thread tension : Auto or standard Needle : 11/75 Presser foot pressure : Reduce the pressure slightly
£54.00 excl VAT

Janome 808401003 Extension Table

Janome 808401003 | Extension Table. This resin extension table is made specifically for selected Janome machines, and provides ample sewing room for all of your larger projects. Suitable for: TXL607, QXL605, DXL603, XL601, DKS30, 8050XL, M50QDC, M100QDC, M200QDC, 4300QDC, JL5030, JL5050, JL5100, DC6030, DC7100, XS50, GD8100. Approx Size: 16" x 11". Please Note: The Machine is NOT included, only the Extension Table.
£22.50 excl VAT

Janome Bobbins

Janome plastic bobbins, pack of 10 for all Janome home use models.
£7.50 excl VAT

Janome Embroidery Iron On Backing

Iron On Stabiliser protects your fabric from puckering and distortion. The stabiliser is white and comes on a roll 10 metres x 35cm.
£14.67 excl VAT

Janome Embroidery Water Soluble Backing

Water soluble backing is a perfect stabiliser and transfer agent that dissolves in water. Great for monogramming, quilting, lace making, buttonholes, edges, shadow work, thread sketching, applique, fagotting, 3D work, delicate fabrics, cut work. 10M X 33CM
£14.67 excl VAT

Janome Pattern Weight Set

Product Code: JPW01 Set of four Janome branded pattern weights. Each round pattern weight is 50mm in diameter. A great practical gift idea for those who ‘Love Sewing, Love JANOME’.
£12.50 excl VAT

Janome Quilting Accessory Kit JQ2

The Janome JQ2 Quilting Accessory Kit has been specially designed for Janome sewing machines. Janome Quilting Kit Includes: Extension Table (16" x 11") 1/4" Seam Foot Free Motion Quilting Open toe Foot Walking Open toe Foot Ditch Quilting Foot Open Toe Craft / Appplique Foot. For Janome Models: DXL603, QXL605, TXL607, XL601, 8050XL.
£107.50 excl VAT

Janome Ribbon Sewing Guide 200444408

The guide's design ensures easy attachment and automatic entering, while the transparent stabilizer bar provides perfect control. Add originality to projects and make the most of your machine's decorative stitches A great addition for Creative Crafts and Embellishing is the Ribbon Sewing Guide. Make your own original ribbons by adding decorative stitching or lettering. Whether used for fashion, craft, and home furninshings or for wrapping that special gift, you can add originality to all your projects. The Ribbon Sewing Guide allows allows you to create original ribbons up to 25mm wide. Part no. 200444408
£29.17 excl VAT

Janome Special Spool Holder

Janome Special Spool Holder. This spool holder is specifically for long spools on the horizontal spool stand. For Horizontal Spool Stand.
£4.17 excl VAT

Janome Top Loading Bobbin Case Standard 627569003

Janome Top Loading Bobbin Case. This will fit the following machines: 659, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2022, 2030, MC3000, 3023, 3123, MC3500, MC4023, MC4123, 5000, 5018, 5024, 5124, MC5700, 2200, Jem Gold, SR2100, , 4123, SD2014, CE2200, SW2018E, SL2022, SX2122, MS3015, MW3018, ML3023, MX3123, MC4000, MyStyle22, 521 Sewist, 525s Sewist, Jem Gold 2, 3018, 3023, 3123, 4018, 4018, 4023, 4618, 4623, 5024, 5124, MC4800, 4900QC, 6019QC, 6125QC, 6260QC, MC300E, XL601, CXL301, BCC30.GD8100 & 2030DC
£29.00 excl VAT

Janome White with Red Dot Pin Cushion

Janome White with Red Dot Pin Cushion. Suitable for Electronic sewing machines & Embroidery machines. Insert the pin cushion into the space provided for the second coil holder. Fits Janome 2018DC. 2030DC, 230QDC, 3160QDC, 4120QDC, DC6100, DM7200, 4100QDC, 8077, MC6600P, 7700QCP, Atelier 5, 8200QCP, 8900QCP, 9900, MC230E, MC200E, MC350E, MC400E, MC500E Part Number 202256016
£7.50 excl VAT

Needle Threader and Inserter

This little gadget will enable you to place your needle in your machine and thread it simply! Ideal for threading sewing machine needles and overlocker needles, plus at the other end of this handy tool is an aid for inserting the needle into your machine INSTRUCTIONS FOR THREADING Place your thread in the 'y' shaped groove of the threader. Now slide the threader down the front of needle whilst gently pushing. When the device finds the needle eye the thread will be pushed through. Instructions on back of pack
£4.99 excl VAT

Quilting Accessory Kit - DKS JQ6

Product Code: JQ6 The Janome Quilting Accessory Kit has been specially designed for the Janome DKS30 Sewing Machine and the Janome DKS100 Sewing Machine. Janome Quilting Kit Includes: Craft/Applique Foot - Open Toe Free Motion Foot - Open Toe Walking Foot - Open Toe Ditch Quilting Foot 1/4" Seam Foot Extension Table (16" x 11")
£118.33 excl VAT

Schmetz Twin Needle 2.0/80

Special Needle for producing tucks and one or two colour decorative seams.
£2.50 excl VAT

SCHMETZ Universal Needles Size 80/12

SCHMETZ universal needles pack of 5,used for a wide range of fabrics. Universal needles, can be used on all domestic sewing machines. 130/705 H Sizes 80/12 *library picture used
£2.92 excl VAT

Janome Front Loading Bobbin Case Standard 647515006

Metal Bobbin Case All front loading machines Oscillating Hook - 5mm This Bobbin case fits the following models: 219S, 2200XT, J3-18, J3-24, 1004, 1014, 1018S, 1220, 1550, 1560, 1571, 1580, 1585, 1714, 1722, 1780, 2023, 2032, 2039, 2041, 2050, 2070, 2139, 3816, 3822, 415, 419s, 423s, J1012, and many older models from Janome and New Home
£24.75 excl VAT

Janome Freemotion Quilting Bobbin Case. 202006008

Product Code: 202006008 For top loading machines that don't have an auto threadcutter (scissor button) - not suitable for MC10001, MC10000, MC9700, MC9500 & MC8000. Pre-set with lower tension, this optional Bobbin Holder has the same structure as your original one but with the tension pre-set approximately 40% lower helping to produce neater stitching on the underside of your quilts. The lower bobbin tension also gives more control for improved results with such speciality applications as "Hand Look Quilting" and is also ideal for "Ribbon Work" where thicker threads are used on the bobbin. The blue marking on the top of this optional Bobbin Holder allows for easy identification from the standard one which has a red marking.
£33.33 excl VAT

Janome Bobbincase Blue Dot 200445007

The ​​​​​​​Janome Bobbincase Blue Dot 200445007 creates a good tension for free motion quilting and hand look quilt stitches. This bobbincase is marked with a Blue triangle for identification purposes. Couple the convertible Free Motion Quilting foot with this handy bobbin holder preset with lower tension to make it even easier to achieve even tension control.
£33.33 excl VAT

Janome Bobbin Case 858570009

Janome Bobbin Case. Suitable for the Janome - 6700P, QXL605, TXL607, MXL50, MC8200, MC8200QC, MC8200QC SE, MC8900, MC8900QCP SE, Atelier 3, 5 & 6 . M200QDC, M50QDC,230DC, M100QDC, 780DC & 4300QDC
£24.17 excl VAT

Janome Bobbin Case 846652504

Bobbin case for the following machines Fits Janome models: MC400E, MC500E, MC9900, MC12000, MC14000, Atelier 9.
£24.17 excl VAT

Janome Bobbincase 846652009

he Janome Bobbincase 846652009 c The Janome Bobbincase 846652009​​ should be used in the following models, MC6500P 6600P 7700QCP DKS30 DKS100 MC9400QCP MC11000 MC11000SE 350E MC15000 MC12000
£24.17 excl VAT

Janome Bobbin Case to fit Atelier 7 858570308

Bobbin case for the following machines Fits Janome models: Atelier 7
£24.17 excl VAT

Janome 1600P Bobbin Case

Janome 1600P Bobbin Case. Metal Hard Wearing, Adjustable Screw For Perfect Tensions. This Bobbin case will only fit the Janome 1600P Straight Stitch Machine
£24.17 excl VAT

Janome 767588005 HD9 Bobbin Case Version 1

Janome HD9 V1.0 Bobbin Case Only. Metal Hard Wearing, Adjustable Screw For Perfect Tensions. This Bobbin case will only fit the Janome HD9.
£50.00 excl VAT

Janome Metal Large Bobbin Case HD9 Pro Version 2 767595005

Specially Designed HD9 Ver 2 Pro Bobbin Case This machine takes the new large jumbo metal bobbins only Part No. 767595005
£50.00 excl VAT

Janome Quilt Binder

The Janome Quilt Binder Set is the perfect accessory for quick and trouble free binding, with a superior design based on industrial binding attachments. The cone on the front of the fabric holder feeds and folds fabric for a 1/2" finished binding. Two upper screws on the binding allow you to adjust the fold of the fabric - set them at the same length for a straight stitch, or set the bottom a bit further that the top for a blanket stitch
£118.33 excl VAT

AcuFIL QUILTING KIT – MC500E, 550E and 400E

Janome AcuFil Quilting Kit for MC500E, 550E and MC400E Only This amazing AcuFil Kit allows you to perfectly stipple your quilts or quilting projects giving you that proffesional quilted finish. If you are not a confident free motion quilter, no worries, let the machine software do all the work for you. AcuFil Kit contains: Hoop ASQ18b – 184 x 184mm (7.2″ x 7.2″), Magnetic Clamps, AcuFil Tool, over 100 embroidery quilting designs. Each Kit features the AcuFil design collection including quilting designs. Printing templates for precise positioning. Calculator functions for easy all over quilting design on any size quilt Part no. 864402008
£274.17 excl VAT

Janome MC12000 Acufill Quilting Kit

he AcuFil quilting kit is a special embroidery software and hoop combination to allow stippling on any size quilt direct from the Janome MC12000 embroidery machine!
£199.17 excl VAT

Janome Bi-Level Foot 9mm 202461005

This foot enables sewing at a constant width from the fold of the fabric. It guides your top stitching and edge stitching perfectly. Thick materials (e.g. wool, denim, tweed) can be finished beautifully.
£29.17 excl VAT

Janome 5-5 Inch Soft n-sharp Professional Craft Sewing Scissors XN5135

Size 13.5cm/5.5in Comfortable , lightweight and easy to use. For craft and hobbies.
£11.92 excl VAT

Janome Air Thread 2000D Overlocker Workbook

Product Code: WBAT2000D This Workbook was developed by Janome America to give you better knowledge of your Janome AirThread 2000D so that you will be able to use all functions of this machine.
£58.32 excl VAT

Janome Carry bag SMB1

Product Code: SMB1 This stylish Houndstooth sewing machine carry bag, with a front pocket to store a foot control and accessories, perfect for transporting sewing machines. This storage bag offers convenience and quality coupled with an attractive and stylish appearance. Internal Dimensions: W 41cm x D 19cm x H 30cm
£40.83 excl VAT