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Lewis & Irene Brensham Floral leaves on grey blue A751 C#2

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Drawn from the beauty of the British countryside, we are deeply captivated by the ever-shifting seasons and the idyllic rural existence. Our fondness lies in leisurely strolls along serene lanes, through lush woodlands, and across sprawling fields. The enchantment lies in our unwavering devotion to witnessing nature's continuous transformation, savouring moments of crisp, invigorating air, and basking in the wonder of our natural surroundings. Within this distinctive fabric collection, you'll discover a one-yard panel graced with four generous squares, designed to inspire your creativity. Whether crafting plush cushions, adding a touch of elegance to a quilt, creating charming bags, or embarking on sewing endeavors, this collection serves as a wellspring of inspiration. These fabrics boast enduring shades of blues and creams, evoking a timeless allure suitable for adorning a cozy country cottage or any welcoming home. £13.99 per metre
£5.82 excl VAT
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