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Q'nique Grace Quilting Machines

The Q’nique models made by The Grace Company offer the finest mid-arm and long-arm quilting machines on the market. These brilliant  sewing machines revolutionise how machine quilting is done today.  The Q'nique machine quilter line-up comes in a variety of sizes and styles to fit any customer budget.

Do you already have a Q’nique sewing machine? Come in to see the optional accessories available in our shop to use with these machines and how they will improve your quilting techniques and capabilities.

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Q'nique 16X Manual Quilting Machine

This fabulous long arm quilting machine has 16" of throat space. With the simplicity of manual control, you can take your quilting into your own hands.
£3,999.95 inc VAT

Q'nique 16X Quilting Machine

This fabulous long arm quilting machine from the Grace Company has 16" of throat space and will bring your quilting dreams into focus. Fully stitch regulated, the Q'nique 16X takes your quilting to a new level.
£4,999.00 inc VAT

Q'nique 16X Elite Quilting Machine

This fabulous long arm quilting machine has 16" of throat space and will bring your quilting dreams into focus this machine comes fully equipped with the tools you need in a user - friendly package to create the ultimate quilting experience.
£5,999.00 inc VAT

Qnique Q19X Elite Quilting Machine

Experience quilting like never before on the fabulous Q'nique 19X Elite quilting machine. This fabulous machine is packed with the best and latest technology.
£8,499.00 inc VAT

Q'nique 21X Elite

The Q'nique 21X Elite quilting machine gives you the furthest reach, the most advanced and intuitive features, and the most impressive quilting experience that the Q'nique machines have ever offered. The incredible power, smooth motion and smart technology of this longarm will amaze you.
£9,499.00 inc VAT

Q'nique 15M

The process of quilting by moving the machine over the quilt fabric is intuitive, like drawing with a pencil on paper. You'll be amazed at how much this increases stitch accuracy and control
£2,999.00 inc VAT £3,499.00 inc VAT

Qnique Quilter 15R

Qnique Quilter 15R is an exciting mid-arm machine that fills that "just right" spot between a domestic sewing machine and a long-arm quilter. The Qnique Quilter 15R has a 15" throat space to accommodate large patterns and blocks. It is compatible with many different quilting frames. The 15R is also compatible with Quilter's Creative Touch Software, bringing the possibility of a computer automated quilting system in your own home.
£3,995.00 inc VAT

Qnique 15Pro Quilting Machine

The new Q'nique 15 Pro delivers high value for its price point with the most sought-after features, top-of-the-line quality, and user-friendly operation, all in an affordable midarm quilting machine.
£4,495.00 inc VAT

Qnique Quilter 19

The Q'nique 19 opens the door for quilters who desire the features and reach of a professional long-arm, without losing the feel and comfort of their own domestic short-arm machine.
£6,999.00 inc VAT

Q'nique 21 Quilter Machine

The Q'nique 21 offers a level of quality in precision stitchins, user friendly features and designed engineering never available before in such an affordable package.
£7,399.00 inc VAT £7,999.00 inc VAT

Q'nique 21Pro Quilter Machine

The Grace Company is ready to take you to new heights, with our new top-tier machine, the Q'nique 21 Pro.
£8,099.00 inc VAT £8,999.00 inc VAT

10" Frame Combo and Quilters Creative Touch 5 Pro

Includes 21" Quilting machine a 10" King Size frame, cloth leaders, a set of 4 bungee clamps, and Quilters Creative Touch 5 Pro Automation.
£14,999.00 inc VAT £17,499.00 inc VAT