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Q'nique Grace Quilting Machines

Discover the finest mid-arm and long-arm quilting machines on the market with the Q'nique models from The Grace Company. These innovative machines revolutionize machine quilting, and the Q'nique line-up comes in various sizes and styles to fit any budget. If you already own a Q'nique sewing machine, visit our shop to explore the optional accessories that can enhance your quilting techniques and capabilities. Experience the quality and innovation of Q'nique machines today.

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Little Rebel - Quilting Machine

Grace is proud to present a little rebellion to the sewing and quilting industries. We invite you—the crafter, sewer, or quilter—to take part in this monumental shift. There have been limitations, physical or emotional, that have stopped you from doing what you love. Until now. Giving the gift of a handmade bag, shirt, quilt, or anything else that you pour your passion into is now more accessible than ever. Grace is here to help you break free from those limitations and start creating again. With our help, you can sew and quilt your way to a more creative and fulfilling life.
£2,249.17 excl VAT

Grace Q'nique 16X Manual Quilting Machine

This fabulous long arm quilting machine has 16" of throat space. With the simplicity of manual control, you can take your quilting into your own hands.3Year Guarantee Included
£3,333.29 excl VAT

Grace Q'nique 16X Quilting Machine £500 OFF

Fantastic Offer Not to be missed - Save £500.00 The Q'nique 16x is a long-arm quilting machine designed to make quilting easier and more efficient. It features a 16-inch throat space, allowing for larger projects to be quilted with greater precision. The machine has adjustable stitch length and a high-speed motor, making it ideal for both beginner and advanced quilters. The Q'nique 16x also comes with an ergonomic handlebar for comfortable use, a built-in stitch regulator for even stitches, and LED lighting to illuminate your work area. 3 Year Guarantee Included
£3,749.17 excl VAT £4,165.83 excl VAT

Grace Q'nique 16X Elite Quilting Machine

This fabulous long arm quilting machine has 16" of throat space and will bring your quilting dreams into focus this machine comes fully equipped with the tools you need in a user - friendly package to create the ultimate quilting experience.3 Year Guarantee Included
£4,999.17 excl VAT

Grace Qnique Q19X Elite Quilting Machine

Experience quilting like never before on the fabulous Q'nique 19X Elite quilting machine. This fabulous machine is packed with the best and latest technology3 Year Guarantee Included
£7,082.50 excl VAT

Grace Q'nique 21X Elite

The Q'nique 21X Elite quilting machine gives you the furthest reach, the most advanced and intuitive features, and the most impressive quilting experience that the Q'nique machines have ever offered. The incredible power, smooth motion and smart technology of this longarm will amaze you3Year Guarantee Included
£7,832.50 excl VAT

Grace Q'nique Q19X Quilting Machine

Experience professional-quality quilting with the Q'nique 19X Longarm Quilting Machine by Grace Company. Pair it with a frame for an unparalleled quilting experience. With a 19-inch throat space and bright LED work lights, you can easily sew larger patterns with clear visibility. Threading is made easy with printed guides on the machine body, while adjustable comfort grip handles and quick-access buttons provide convenience and customization for your quilting needs.3 Year Guarantee Included
£5,415.83 excl VAT