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Grace Machine Quilting Frames

Designed in the USA by the Grace Company, we have quilting frames available to suit every budget and space demand. From the largest 12ft Continuum frame down to the world beating Cutie table model, Grace have a frame just for you. Grace quilting frames are designed to be very easy to assemble and may be used with specialist Q'nique quilting machines or your own home sewing machine.

Sole distributors for all things Grace throughout the UK, J & B Sewing Machine Co Ltd  has all models and frame styles in their purpose built showroom in Newport. Visit us now for a personal hands-on demonstration and trial. Also you may see us at a Quilt or Stitching Show around the country.

All frames are in stock to take away or for immediate delivery.

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Grace Cutie Tabletop Fabric Frame

Call 01633 284646 for updates! Final one in stock! Developed by the Grace Co for quilters who do not have space for a full size quilting frame, the tabletop "Cutie" frame is the answer to your dreams. 2 Year Guarantee Included
£665.83 excl VAT

Grace Cutie Tabletop Fabric Frame Preloved

PRELOVED GRACE CUTIE TABLETOP FABRIC FRAME Developed by the Grace Co for quilters who do not have space for a full size quilting frame, the tabletop "Cutie" frame is the answer to your dreams. 2 Year Guarantee Included
£499.17 excl VAT

Q - Zone Hoop Frame

The Q-Zone Hoop frame is a whole new type of machine quilting frame that easily manages fabric like a simple hoop. With its small space - saving form factor you can set it up in any room and still quilt even the largest projects! Frame only! Free Delivery
£915.83 excl VAT £1,415.83 excl VAT

Continuum Frame II

The Grace Company's Quilting Frame, the Continuum II, is a professional-grade quilting frame designed to make quilting easier, more precise, and more enjoyable. This frame is designed to fit all Q'nique mid and long arm machines as well as standard home sewing machines and can be used for both hand and machine quilting. The Continuum II is made with a durable, heavy-duty steel frame that provides excellent stability and support for your quilting projects. It features a height-adjustable design that allows you to customize the frame to your specific quilting needs, whether you're working on a small or large quilt. The Continuum II has smooth gliding rails that make it easy to move your quilt back and forth as you work on it. These rails are designed to reduce friction and prevent any tugging or pulling on your fabric, allowing you to achieve precise, even stitches with ease. Additionally, the Continuum II features a three rail system that enables you to easily install and adjust your fabric layers. This system includes a set of bungee clamps that securely hold your fabric edges in place, ensuring that it remains taut and smooth throughout the quilting process and Grace cloth leaders to allow stitching right to the edges. Finally, the Continuum II has available optional accessories, including a ruler base, laser light, and stylus which, when fitted to the Grace Q'nique machines can be used to create accurate and precise designs on your quilting projects.
£2,249.17 excl VAT £2,499.17 excl VAT

Grace Quilter's Evolution Elite Frame

The Quilters Evolution Elite Frame offers up to 12 feet of quilting space, no basting simplicity, a height adjustable frame, and a new track design for the carriage to glide on. With steel and cast alloy components, the Quilters Evolution Elite Frame is one of the sturdiest and longest lasting frames ever made.
£3,332.50 excl VAT £3,582.50 excl VAT

Grace Quilter's Evolution Hoop Frame

For quilters theres no comparison to the feeling of pulling your quilts off the table, securing them to a frame and smiling as your machine glides effortlessly above it
£1,915.83 excl VAT £2,249.17 excl VAT

The Q-Zone Queen Frame

The Q-Zone Queen is a high quality machine quilting frame at an affordable price. This frame features a simplified 2 rail system and includes Quilt Clips for easy fabric control. Just clip the Quilt Clips to the quilt and rail for even tension without having to roll the fabric on the rail. This frame can be set up in a crib or queen size
£1,332.50 excl VAT £1,582.50 excl VAT

Grace Cutie Breeze Tabletop Fabric Frame

Quilt wherever and however you desire! With the Cutie Breeze, setting up on any flat surface in your home is a breeze, allowing you to effortlessly create quilts of any size. And when you're finished, simply store the frame away until your next quilting adventure.
£832.50 excl VAT