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Grace Machine Quilting Frames

Designed in the USA by the Grace Company, we have quilting frames available to suit every budget and space demand. From the largest 12ft Continuum frame down to the world beating Cutie table model, Grace have a frame just for you. Grace quilting frames are designed to be very easy to assemble and may be used with specialist Q'nique quilting machines or your own home sewing machine.

Sole distributors for all things Grace throughout the UK, J & B Sewing Machine Co Ltd  has all models and frame styles in their purpose built showroom in Newport. Visit us now for a personal hands-on demonstration and trial. Also you may see us at a Quilt or Stitching Show around the country.

All frames are in stock to take away or for immediate delivery.

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Grace Cutie Frame Tabletop Fabric Frame

Developed by the Grace Co for quilters who do not have space for a full size quilting frame, the tabletop "Cutie" frame is the answer to your dreams. Limited availability due to worldwide popular demand!
£799.00 inc VAT

Q - Zone Hoop Frame

The Q-Zone Hoop frame is a whole new type of machine quilting frame that easily manages fabric like a simple hoop. With its small space - saving form factor you can set it up in any room and still quilt even the largest projects! Frame only! Free Delivery
£1,299.00 inc VAT

Q - Zone Hoop Frame Pro

Level up your frame with the Hoop - Frame pro! It has all the best features of the original Q Zone hope frame and adds the capability and control of the best frames on the market This frame comes with a dual track system for increased stability and built in table tops for full functionality. With the Hoop frame pro no quilting project will be out of reach, ever again! Machine not included
£1,499.00 inc VAT

Continuum Frame

The Continuum machine quilting frame combines some of the most sought after features into a modular system that's available for quilters of every level and nearly every sewing machine type. With steel and cast - alloy components, the frame is one of the sturdiest and longest - lasting frames ever designed. This modular frame has many available configurations and accessories. This is a no - baste frame designed to make your quilting projects easier, more convenient and more beautiful. The frame is available in standard 8 foot or 10 foot sizes.
£1,999.00 inc VAT