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NEW Stellaire XE1/XJ1 Premium Upgrade Kit by Brother UGKW1

Delivery date: 1 week
Manufacturer: Brother
It's time to elevate your Brother Stellaire experience! Introducing the highly anticipated upgrade kit, packed with an array of exciting new features that will elevate your machine to new heights. This upgrade package is designed for all Stellaire XE1 or XJ1 owners who crave the cutting-edge capabilities found in the latest XE2 and XJ2 models. Why invest in a brand-new machine when you can seamlessly transform your existing Stellaire model into the equivalent of the latest and greatest?
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7" x 12" Magnetic Frame

Embroidery Couching Attachment

New embroidery designs

Including quilt patterns, crochet / lace designs, yarn couching designs and font, along with new fill stitches for your Design Centre. There are alson 2 new standard fonts and 1 new monogramming font.

2 - Point Embroidery Positioning 

Using your LED embrodery pointer foot combined with the new 2 - point positioning feature enables perfect embroidery placement every time.

Matrix Copying

Easily duplicate patterns in a grid format for an end to end embroidery design with colour sorting. A fantastic feature for those who create badges and patches

Stitch Tapering Function (just for XJ1 owners only)

As featured on Luminaire XP3, Stellaire XJ1 owners will now have access to the stitch tapering feature which allows you to angle the ends of your sewing stitches in various ways