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Overlocker Accessories

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Bernina Overlocker Gathering Foot 5020106882

The Bernina gathering foot makes quick, easy work of sewing decorative ruffles. Need Help! Speak to one of our expert staff to discuss your requirements. 01633 284646
£33.33 excl VAT

Bernina Multi-purpose Presser Foot and Guide

Compatible with... B - Bernina 700D, 800DL, 870D, 880DL C - Bernina 1100D, 1100DA, 1110D D - 1000DA, 1200DA, 1300DC F - 2500DCE, 2500DCET
£35.42 excl VAT

Bernina Overlock UPPER TOP BLADE KNIFE L450 & L460

Bernina Overlock TOP UPPER BLADE KNIFE Part No. 5020700407 For the - Bernina L450 L460 Only This is a Genuine Bernina Part!
£23.33 excl VAT

Bernina Overlocker Elasticator Foot

The Bernina elasticator foot is a must have when stitching on elastic. Compatible with… B - Bernina 700D, 800DL, 870D, 880DL C - Bernina 1100D, 1100DA, 1110D D - 1000DA, 1200DA, 1300DC E - 1150MDA, 1200MDA, 1300MDC F - 2500DCE, 2500DCET L450.L450,L460
£29.17 excl VAT

Bernina Overlocker L450/L460 Blindstitch Foot 0.5mm

With the blindstitch foot the hem is sewn and the edge is finished off in one step. They help ensure quick and clean work and are ideal for creating attractive blind hems on home textiles and items of clothing. Use 0.5mm for medium weight fabrics.
£24.17 excl VAT

Bernina Overlocker L450/L460 Blindstitch Foot 1.0mm

Bernina Overlocker Blind-stitch Foot 1.0mm is ideal for medium weight fabric and gives an invisible edge finish. Also suitable for flatlock and heirloom sewing & especially for elegant hems. Folded edges can be guided easily for sewing without cutting. The adjustable guide makes it easier to stitch blind hems. The Blindstitch foot can also be used for flatlocking along folded edges and for heirloom techniques.
£35.00 excl VAT

Bernina Overlocker L450/L460 Multi-purpose foot 5020700351

The multi purpose foot is perfect for creative projects. For flatlock with strands of beads and pearls. For rolled hems with strands of beads. Producing piping. Attaching piping. You can use it to create piping or sew piping in, or in fact both in a single, easy step. A simple top can quickly be transformed into a real eye-catching piece. Give home textiles or clothing a really distinctive
£24.17 excl VAT

Janome Cover Pro Clear View Foot

Product Code: 795818107 As the name suggests, the Clear View Foot gives you a better view of what you are sewing. Especially useful for decorative stitching it can also be used with any of the CoverPro attachments.
£22.50 excl VAT