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Bernette 37

The Bernette 37 is an affordable sewing machine with a wide range of features and impressive stitch quality.
From £399.00 inc VAT

Grace Company 6 x 24-inch TrueCut Ruler with Accutrack, Clear SALE

Ruler features ruler guide that interlocks with the edge of the ruler; letting you make straight; precise cuts every time Guide keeps your cutter from veering away and your fingers safer by preventing accidental slips
£10.95 inc VAT £24.95 inc VAT

1/2 metre bundle Mixed fabrics

6 x 0.5 Metre fabrics, lucky dip packs, all top quality fabrics from Moda, Makower, Rose & Hubble ect
£20.00 inc VAT

Brother Memory Card No 81 Alphabet

Brother Memory Card No 81 Alphabet for use with any Brother machine with a card reader.
£30.00 inc VAT £85.00 inc VAT

Finesse Pack: Mountain Mist, Canyon Shale, Deep Forest Green, King of Atlantis

Finesse - variegated Colors - 4 pack 50wt. 3ply. 100% polyester. 1500 yrds. Colors In Pack: Mountain Mist, Canyon Shale, Deep Forest Green, King of Atlantis
£35.00 inc VAT

Grace Cutie Frame Damaged Box

Developed by the Grace Co for quilters who do not have space for a full size quilting frame, the tabletop "Cutie" frame is the answer to your dreams. Limited availability due to worldwide popular demand!
£699.00 inc VAT £799.00 inc VAT

Janome GD8100 Sewing Machine

The brilliant Janome model GD8100 sewing machine Its a very easy to use computerised model with 100 stitches plus lots of great features. Ideal for beginners to experienced sewers. 2 Year Guarantee Included
£349.00 inc VAT

Madeira Aerolock Thread 12 Set Box Black and White

12 box of Madeira Aerolock Box of Overlock threads with 3 different colours: Black, Light Grey and White This set of threads includes: 3 Aerolock threads and 1 Aeroflock Woolly thread, in all 3 colours. 100% Polyester, the Aerolock bobbins hold 1200m of thread and the Aeroflock Woolly 1000m. The bobbins include a thread end lock which stops the thread from unravelling and keeps it secure. These aerolock threads are high quality for long-lasting seams and the aeroflock woolly threads are voluminous and perfect for elastic projects such as sportswear, dance costumes and leotards.
£39.95 inc VAT £49.95 inc VAT

Perma Spun Thread - Tex 27 Unbleached

Perma Spun Thread - Tex 27 Unbleached 10,000 metres
£4.99 inc VAT

Rose & Hubble SnowFlake Grey P319

100% Cotton 44" 110/112cm Wide £7.99 per metre Now £5.99 Please be aware that colour representation may vary. Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns on fabric.
£2.99 inc VAT

Snips and tweezers

Snips. Lightweight plastic thread snip blue colour with stainless steel blades and finger hole. Excellent quality and value for money Tweezers.6" bent sewing machine tweezers. High quality - Made in Japan
£6.00 inc VAT

Surestitch Stitch Regulator

The Grace SureStitch is both a stitch regulator and constant stitch speed control. In Stitch Regulation mode, it takes advantage of your machine's full range of speeds. As you speed up and slow down, so will your machine, keeping all of your stitches the same length. When used as a speed control, the SureStitch lets you adjust the speed of your sewing machine with the push of a simple button.
£399.00 inc VAT £499.00 inc VAT

Jaguar 098 Overlocker

This Jaguar Starter 098 Overlocker is a brilliantly engineered machine which can be used as either a 3 or 4 thread overlocker, with differential feed. Cuts as you sew! Colour-coded for easy threading. Shop model Pre-threaded. Adjustable foot pressure. Up to 1,300 stitches per minute. Quick change rolled hem. Stand-out tensions for fine needle setting. Lay-in tensions with tension release for easy looper threading. Clip-on feet. Includes lint waste tray. Integrated storage compartment. Japanese technology. Unique swing away cutter. Dual feed for difficult or stretchy material. Detachable blades. Cutting width dial. 1-5mm adjustable stitch length.
£249.00 inc VAT