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Seafoam Pantographs

£14.95 inc VAT
Seafoam 10" Wide Pattern Single row 144" long
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Gracie Laser

The Gracie Laser can easily be attached to the front or back of your frame's carriage and is battery powered so you won't have cords getting in the way! It is fully adjustable and even has the capability of swivel movement. It comes with four different laser tips to control the size of your tracing laser.
£50.00 inc VAT

Abundant Leaves Pantographs 7"

Abundant Leaves 7" Wide Pattern Single row 144" long
£14.95 inc VAT

Grace Cutie Frame Tabletop Fabric Frame

Developed by the Grace Co for quilters who do not have space for a full size quilting frame, the tabletop "Cutie" frame is the answer to your dreams. Limited availability due to worldwide popular demand!
£799.00 inc VAT