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StraightCut Cutter 45mm with Quick-Changing Blade

This straight-handled rotary cutter is perfect for most projects. TrueCut rotary cutters feature more blade exposure, which makes it easy to cut through thicker fabrics or more layers of fabric at once. Quick-Changing Blade: Get back to quilting faster! Quickly change the blade of this cutter with the push of a button! The easier and safer way to change the blade.
£24.96 excl VAT

True Cut Appligrips

True Cut Appligrips The perfect solution for keeping your appliqué templates, plastic templates or clothing from slipping. Non Slip, Non Scratch adhesive grips that can be applied to any surface. Can also be great for picture frames. * Comes in a pack of over 70 grips * Various sizes and shapes * Great for templates for quilting and fabric crafts
£5.79 excl VAT

True Cut Blade Sharpening Oil

For use with the TrueCut rotary blade sharpeners. A drop of sharpening oil is recommended with every use of the TrueSharp power sharpener TrueCut 2
£6.62 excl VAT

True Cut Rotary Blade 28mm

True cut use high quality steel in all blades which keeps them sharper for longer than other blades, allowing you to get more cuts out of each blade.
£6.62 excl VAT

True Cut Rotary Blade 60mm

True cut use high quality steel in all blades which keeps them sharper for longer than other blades, allowing you to get more cuts out of each blade.
£9.96 excl VAT

True Cut Rotary Blades 45mm 1 Blade

True Cut Rotary blades - Works with most rotary cutters on the market. 1 Blade
£5.79 excl VAT

True Cut Rotary Blades 45mm 2 Blade Pkt

True Cut Rotary blades - Works with most rotary cutters on the market. 2 Blade
£10.79 excl VAT

True Sharp 2

The True Sharp is easier than ever with the new design that gives your rotary blades a higher - quality cutting edge in even less time.
£66.62 excl VAT

Truecut - My Comfort Cutter

The My Comfort Cutter is the top of the line ergonomic rotary cutter from TrueCUT It's comfort curve grip is especially designed to make rotary cutting easier, safer and more accurate. Seasoned cutters will appreciate how the handle reduces stress on the wrist and arm, and everyone from beginners to advanced cutters love the "track and guide" system when used with TrueCut rulers for straight cuts every time!
£20.79 excl VAT

TrueCut 360 Circle Cutter

The Truecut 360 Circle cutter is the easiest way to cut perfect fabric circles
£29.00 excl VAT

TrueCut 60, 90, 120 Kite Ruler

True Cut 60, 90, 120 Kite Ruler - This ruler is great for almost any small project and shape. It cuts triangles, diamonds and patterns with 60 or 90 degree angles.
£16.62 excl VAT

TrueCut 90 Degree Right Triangle Ruler

90 Degree Ruler: This is a right-angle ruler, great for squaring up small pieces, and cutting shapes with 90 or 45 degree corners,
£16.62 excl VAT

TrueCut Cutting Mats

TrueCut Cutting mats are top-of-the-line, featuring an enhanced self-healing surface and special attention to the detail of the grid measurements and numbering.
£20.79 excl VAT

TrueCut Non-Slip Pad

The TrueCut Non-Slip Pad enhances both accuracy and safety. Place one underneath any cutting mat to hold it securely in place. They can be used on any surface to prevent sliding. The TrueCut Non-Slip Pad now comes in one size that can be cut to different dimensions to fit your cutting mat. Cut along the lines indicated on the Non-Slip Pad to match your mat size. •Stops cutting mats from slipping •Enhances both accuracy and safety •Use with any cutting mat
£33.32 excl VAT

TrueCut Rotary Blade Sharpener

This linear sharpener sharpens your blade with the same motion you use when cutting fabric. You don't even have to touch your blade, just leave it in your cutter! Sharp blades require less pressure to cut, giving you more accuracy and less chance of slipping.
£33.29 excl VAT

TrueCut Rotary Cutting Rulers

The TrueCut rulers not only provide precise measuring, but also solve one of the most common cutting frustrations: slipping and veering away from the ruler's edge. Our Patented track and guide system prevent slipping and keep all of your cuts straight. Everything about TrueCut rotary cutting rulers has been innovated, from the built in holes, to raised edge providing extra safety, to the very process in which they are manufactured.
£11.62 excl VAT

TrueCut Ruler 60 Degree

60 Degree Ruler: This is an equilateral triangle perfect for diamonds and other shapes with 60 degree angles.
£16.62 excl VAT

TrueGrips Non- Slip Adhesive Rings

TrueGrips - Non-Slip Adhesive Rings * Transparent for easy fabric visibility * Safeguards against slipping * 15 Grips per pack
£3.50 excl VAT

TrueTrim Thread Cutter

TrueTrim Thread Cutter * 360 rotating blade for an unlimited cutting surface * Perfect for long-arm and short-arm machines * Easily slides on and off the adhesive mount
£6.17 excl VAT

TrueCut Travel Kit

The easiest way to take your projects with you wherever you go!
£120.83 excl VAT

Free Motion Quilting Starter Kit

This starter kit is a great way to learn free motion quilting. It includes a fabric quilt panel with fun practice designs, as well as paper tracing sheets for additional practice. You can use the kit with any quilting machine or frame. With this kit, you'll see your free motion skills improve in no time.
£145.00 excl VAT