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Yamato Industrial Sewing Machines

Yamato Sewing Machines UK.


Yamato Overlocks CZ6020 - CZ6120 - AZ7120 - AZ7020 - AZ8020

Yamato Coverseams CC2700 - VC1790 - VC2730

Yamato Blindhem CM352

Yamato Flatlock FD62


Yamato, a leading Japanese manufacturer of chainstitch sewing machines since 1927, has been responsible for many "Firsts" in technology innovation and development.

The large range of Yamato machines offer solutions for all manufacturing requirements in the sportswear and leisurewear ranges.

J & B also work with Yamato to produce tailor made solutions for particular sewing applications.

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Yamato AZ8541

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Yamato AZF8611

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Yamato CC2700

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Yamato CM352

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Yamato FD-62

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Yamato VC1790

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