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Bernina Bobbins and Bobbin Cases

Bernina bobbin cases are precision-engineered components that play a crucial role in ensuring smooth and reliable stitching on your Bernina sewing machine. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, these bobbin cases are crafted to exacting standards, offering optimal tension control and thread management for impeccable stitch quality. Whether you're sewing delicate fabrics, thick materials, or intricate designs, Bernina bobbin cases provide consistent tension and even thread distribution, resulting in professional-grade results with every stitch. With durable construction and innovative features, such as adjustable tension settings and easy-to-clean designs, these bobbin cases are indispensable accessories for any sewing enthusiast. Upgrade your sewing experience with a Bernina bobbin case and enjoy enhanced performance and precision in all your sewing projects.

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Bernina 4, 5 & 7 Series Bobbin

This bobbin is compatible with BERNINA sewing machines from the 7 Series. This bobbin for the B 9 Hook holds 80% more thread than a standard bobbin, allowing you to sew for longer without interruption when using a full bobbin. .
£1.88 excl VAT

Bernina CB Bobbin Case

Each BERNINA sewing machine has a special hook for bobbins and bobbin cases. Different bobbin cases are therefore available, depending on the machine. The CB Hook is used in particular for sewing utility and decorative stitches with a stitch width of up to 5.5 mm. Compatible machines CB Hook bobbins and bobbin cases are required for the following machines: For all BERNINA activa and 3 Series machines BERNINA virtuosa BERNINA aurora BERNINA artista 165, 170 and 630 BERNINA 555 and 570
£27.08 excl VAT

Bernina CB Hook Bobbin

CB metal bobbins are suitable for machines with a stitch width of 5.5 mm for all CB shuttle models. 0015367200
£1.21 excl VAT

Bernina Yellow HT Bobbin Case for New 4, 5, 7 series

This bobbin case is a higher tension case for embroidery and free-motion quilting applications requiring higher thread tension settings to get a perfect sewing result.
£69.50 excl VAT

Bernina Rotary Hook Bobbin 180,185, 200, 450, 640, 730

Metal rotary hook bobbins are suitable for machines with a stitch width of 9 mm. Including 180, 185, 200, 450, 640, 730.
£3.08 excl VAT

Bernina Rotary Hook Bobbin for Models 1000 & 1001 Only

Metal rotary hook bobbins are suitable for machines with a stitch width of 9 mm. 1000 (S) and 1001 (S) only.
£3.12 excl VAT