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Brother Sewing Machines

 J&B Sewing Machine Co Ltd are the UK distributor for Brother Industrial Sewing Machines. We supply to both the trade and end user. We also supply Brother Domestic Sewing machinery and run sewing classes.

As Brother Industrial Sewing Machine distributor for the UK we can supply the full range of machines from lockstitch to pattern tackers and Button holes to button sewers

Brother began producing sewing machines in 1928 with production of Sho-san-shiki Sewing Machines (chain-stitch sewing machine used in the production of straw hats) under the BROTHER trademark.first Brother sewing machineThis was followed up with their first domestic sewing machine the Model 15 in 1932 First Brother domestic sewing machine

In 1993 Brother Established XIAN TYPICAL BROTHER INDUSTRIES, CO., LTD. (manufacturing company) in China under joint management with Xian Typical.

New ranges of machines are now arriving like the S7100 - S7300 - Nexio machines - and the new range of pattern tackers like the BAS-311HN

Brother Sewing      


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Brother S Size Frame Kit

£235.00 inc VAT

Brother Wide Table WT5

£64.99 inc VAT

Brother Wide Table WT9

£41.99 inc VAT

Cylinder Frame

£230.99 inc VAT

Cylinder Frame Complete Set

£1,199.00 inc VAT

Flat Frame 300mm x 200mm

£58.99 inc VAT

PR Cap Frame Assembly

£188.99 inc VAT

PR Clamp Frame

£249.00 inc VAT

PR1050x Cap Frame Complete Set PRCF1 USED

£1,199.00 inc VAT £799.00 inc VAT

Standard Frame PRH100

£47.49 inc VAT

Brother S7100A403 Lockstitch Machine

£1,074.00 inc VAT £990.00 inc VAT

Brother Innovis 15 Sewing Machine SALE

£249.00 inc VAT £239.00 inc VAT

Brother Innov-is 15 Sewing Machine

£299.00 inc VAT £289.00 inc VAT