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Overlockers and Coverstitch Machines

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Success Lily Overlocker

2 Year Guarantee Included
£270.83 excl VAT

Babylock Enspire

The Baby lock enspire is the perfect addition to your sewing machine. Stitch seams and finish edges in one go, quickly and neatly, with the Baby Lock Enspire. You can expect top quality precision, paired with easy operation. keep in vogue with your enspire from baby lock! 2 Year Guarantee Included
£820.83 excl VAT

Babylock Victory Overlocker

The Victory gives you a simple, uncomplicated and comfortable operation and thus creates great overlock results. The Jet-AirTM Threading System developed by baby lock helps you to thread the loopers. Simply insert the looper thread into the appropriate port and press the lever. 2 Years Guarantee
£1,095.83 excl VAT

Babylock Enlighten

The Baby lock Enlighten Overlocker processes all types of material with ease. It is the unbeatable addition to your sewing machine. This overlocker takes you into a new era of sewing, enjoy the neat and perfect seams that no professional could sew faster. No more problems with threading those loopers! 2 Year Guarantee Included
£1,332.50 excl VAT

Baby lock Acclaim Overlocker Save £285.00

The baby lock Acclaim features a unique, compact tubular looper system that guarantees fuss-free, quick threading. Extra-strong loopers in a quality similar to that used in industry make your babylock acclaim fit for more difficult tasks. 2 Year Guarantee Included
£1,341.67 excl VAT £1,600.00 excl VAT

Babylock Desire 3

Combined overlock and coverlock machine. Comes, of course, with the uniquejet-air threading system and automatic thread delivery system. Are you the practical type? If so, the baby lock desire3 will satisfy your every wish.Overlock, coverlock or chain stitch practically combined in one machine. This 5-thread machine can be easily threaded or converted for the desired operation. You can thread the loopers in any order thanks to separate threading paths. No need to follow any threading points and there are no loose threads that may get tangled up. Everything is in its place. 2 Year Guarantee Included
£1,554.17 excl VAT

Baby lock Ovation

Combined overlock and coverlock machine. Comes, of course, with the unique jet-air threading system and automatic thread delivery system. Dreams are there to come true! The Ovation is the dream of all sewing dreams and has now become a reality!! The baby lock Ovation sets new standards for combined overlock and coverlock machines. There are no limits to your creativity. It makes even the impossible possible. 2 Year Guarantee Included
£2,287.50 excl VAT

Babylock Gloria Coverlock

Since its very foundation, Baby lock has steadily been working on interesting engineering innovations and has continuously been growing its product range. The new model Gloria marks a new milestone. Apart from some well-known features from the successful baby lock coverlock machines, the new machine will impress you with the so-called RevolutionAirTM threading system. This fully automated jet-air threading system lets you thread not only the loopers but also the needle eyes easily with just a press of a button. The knee lift and the speed regulation offer unique comfort for complicated stitching projects. When the presser foot is in the raised position, the machine doesn’t start sewing for additional safety. The automatic thread delivery system makes operation even easier because the thread tension no longer has to be adjusted by hand. 2 Year Guarantee Included
£2,929.17 excl VAT

Baby lock BLCS Coverstitch

This is a pro amongest the coverstitch machines. Enormous penetration force and high precision stitches, even with cross seams. Have you ever taken a close look at the hems of your t-shirts or sweatshirts? The top of the hem usually looks like a twin-needle stitch whereas the underside of the hem resembles a zig-zag stitch. This is a coverstitch. Compared to a twin needle stitch and zig zag stitch produced on a sewing machine, the cover stitch is much more elastic and durable.
£1,425.00 excl VAT

Baby lock Euphoria Coverstitch

The BabyLock Euphoria cover stitch machine is the perfect compliment to your overlocker. It creates professional finishes for all your sewing projects.
£1,858.00 excl VAT

Babylock Compendium for all overlock and coverstitch machines

A compendium is a short textbook, reference book or detailed manual. However, the baby lock Compendium is so much more than that. It is more than just a stitch pattern book; we present baby lock stitches in all their variations, describe the appropriate settings on the machine and explain where the respective stitches are typically used. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, there are also detailed illustrations of each stitch. Future owners are also invited to contribute to the final look of the book. For example, there is enough space with each stitch example to glue in a sample piece that you have made yourself. The practical ring binder also makes it easy to add further information. So, over time, an individual "workbook for all cases" can be created.
£54.17 excl VAT